"My Aim is to please"

For me service as a wedding celebrant is about helping you weave Your magical Moment for Your Day to create a reflection of a lifetime which will bring a smile to your faces whenever you think about it forever more!

Cultural Attributes are my specialty!

To connect please either email me at davish@waihekehigh.school.nz
Or phone on 09 372 9093 or cell 027 372 9093

Initially with contact having been made a Booking Form would be forwarded to you with full information. On this being received back we would come together informally wherever you choose to meet and greet to discuss how best I can help meet your needs sharing full information around wedding ceremonies for your consideration.

On confirmation of your intention, we would co-create your unique ceremony.

With time and dates and ceremony confirmed we would arrange a practice time at the confirmed venue be that Church, beach, private property or wherever you choose!

Finally we would meet on your day to weave your sacred ceremony together as one!

Being in service as a Celebrant is much more than about Weddings alone, it is about holistic service offered to support people, to enhance and help facilitate all occasions to help celebrate LIFE ! so service of a celebrant to me is all about bonding families spiritually from Life to Death! From Birth rights to Baby Namings, From Land to House blessings, With of course helping to convene the most Magical and Spiritually Uplifting moments of Wedding Ceremonies including reaffirmation of Wedding Vows as some wish later in life . My celebrant's service extends to acknowledging Rights of Passage for Teenagers right through to celebrating the lives of our loved ones as they pass over.to the greater realms of our universe

Therefore I am a Celebrant in service for the family'. I offer a lifetime of experience of working with families, and communities to build an ongoing personal relationship with you and your family to support you with the facilitation of chosen sacred services determined by your needs through out your life time together!

I cover ALL weddings which is the legal union of two people who of free will have chosen to take their sacred vows to seal their love for each other in front of witnesses for the intended purpose of marriage.

Other Services provided:

Cultural Attributes reflects that I am proficient in the mother tongue of Aotearoa along with its cultural Values and respects of protocols and tikanga and have been sponsored by Piritahi Hau Ora to become a celebrant to serve our local and wider community. The name of our Marae is Piritahi which means 'Together as One'

So it is customary to introduce myself through my whakapapa, tribal affiliations to greet you!

No reira, He mihi kauana ki a koe me to whaiaipo, Tena Korua. Ko Ngati Maniapoto raua ko Ngati Whanaunga oku Hapu, Ko Ruapuha UeKaha oku Tipuna o taku Ukaipo, Ko Tainui toku Waka, Hei manaaki e tiaki na te Atua mo I o korua wawata ki te tui, tuia mai I o korua whakapapa kei raro I te korowai o Marena. Ma te wa hei tutaki maua kanohi ki kanohi ki t e whakakotahi ai I o taua whakaaro mo I o korua hononga mai. Nau te rourou, naku te rourou ka ora ai e te Iwi!

This translated into English means:

Therefore, I acknowledge you and your beloved one at this time. Ngati Maniapoto of the King Country and Ngati Whanaunga of Hauraki are my tribes. The strength of my geneology from home is recognised through the Ancestor Ruapuha Uekaha, ancestors of the Waitomo/TeKuiti district where I was raised. Therefore I am of Tainui Waka. I seek the blessings of the spiritual creator of all things to come your way to nurture both of your aspirations to join in marriage, recognising that marriage further unites the greater family relationships(whakapapa) of our world and suggest that we should meet face to face shortly to jointly weave this cloak for the betrothal of your Love acknowledging that with your contribution and mine, working together as one we will create and hold this sacred space for your union.

From being culturally proficient , attributes of Kaupapa Maori of your choice can be woven into your service which can include the option of Piritahi Marae as your wedding venue along with heritage Kai style catering . All venues, beaches and environments and wider networks of Waiheke are familiar to me as Waiheke Island has been my home for over thirty years.

Please appreciate that you will need a minimum of one hour for our initial meeting.

Please Note: The following pages on this site include answers to many frequently asked questions and an example of a wedding service for you to both reflect upon for what you have in mind!

Here are some questions to ask your Marriage Celebrant:

1. What can we expect to receive from your Marriage Celebrant services?
A. A Wedding Ceremony that is completely tailor made to your wishes, needs and desires – designed uniquely for you. I will assist with any aspects of the day and provide guidance to you and together we will develop your ceremony outline. Once that is done I will write your ceremony and through consultation with you, perfect all elements.

2. Are there rules about where we can marry?
A. No – but a permit is always required if the Ceremony is to be in a public place, and some councils will charge a fee depending on the location. Check with the local council of the venue/location for further information.

3. How much will a Wedding ceremony cost?
A. On confirmation of your interest I will forward a Booking Form with all details ensuring our first consultation will be done having shared important mutual information and setting out expectations up front with no surprises to come later.

4. Who can be a witness at the Marriage Ceremony?
A. Anyone able to understand what occurs at the ceremony – and importantly the nature of the ceremony. Children can be witnesses, but must be able to demonstrate a full understanding of the nature of the ceremony in court if later required to do so. (The Marriage Act of 1955 does not stipulate a minimum age for witnesses.)

5. Are there different kinds of Marriage Ceremonies?
A. There are 2 types of Ceremonies:

  1. Ceremony held by a Registrar of Marriages in a Registry Office
  2. Ceremony held by an authorised and registered Marriage Celebrant at a place other than a Registry Office

6. What is involved in getting a Marriage License?

  1. Application for a Marriage License is made to the Registrar of Marriages (both parties must be over 16 years of age to be issued with a Marriage License) contact www.bdm.govt.nz
  2. The Marriage License is issued after 3 days.
  3. The Marriage License is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

7. Who has the authority to perform marriages? How do I know they are authorised?
A. Registered or authorised Celebrants are those persons appointed by the Registrar-General as Marriage Celebrants. A list of all Celebrants can be found in the List of Marriage Celebrants in the New Zealand Gazette

Here is an example of a wedding service to consider in respect to your intention to marry!

I am delighted to be here today to officiate and welcome you all here to share and celebrate with this couple as they exchange their wedding vows and cement their love for each other.

A little history of each person could be shared here!

This ceremony in its reality is not magic for One cannot recreate magic that already exists. Throughout the years these two have grown together as a couple and this moment is a celebration of the love they have found in each other and their choice to share with us all present today their life time commitment to each other in taking their sacred marriage vows before us.

And although witnessed words will be shared on this special day it is the promises that each one of you make from one heart to the other, promises of love and devotion which will be the faith each of you will hold to heart as you live life together from this day forward.

The taking of sacred vows is a spiritual bonding given wholeheartedly and of free will to each other. This sacredness is intrinsic and can only flourish by being nurtured and cherished by each of you as you live your daily lives striving to realise as your goals and dreams together. Therefore standing together as one through life's adversities is a given for not only are you lovers and best friends but in this chosen moment have now committed to legally becoming husband and wife.

'That of Love!'

So in this knowing that marriage will continually challenge and both surprise and delight you and understanding that forgiveness and unconditional love will be required of both of you. Do you still choose to make these promises of marriage.

So please turn now and face each other as you make your solemn promises of the love and commitment you have for each other , to be witnessed in the presence of your family and friends gathered here for you this day.

Please repeat after me!

'I take you to be my lawfully wedded wife. I will share in your laughter and your tears as you are my chosen life- long lover and best friend. I will be your ally to support you when you need me and will partner up anytime for a bit of mischief. So as I give you my hand to hold this truly is my heart for life. I love you with all my heart and soul.

The Rings:

Rings are a circle, they have no beginning or end and are recognised by all as symbols of Love and Devotion.

Please take this ring and place it on her third finger and repeat after me.

As I place this ring on your finger, I feel both proud and humble that you have agreed to marry me and I believe with my whole heart in Us – In our Love – and pray in this moment that we will remain together forever!

This ring ceremony would be repeated in respect for each other.

Congratulations ! May your relationship grow stronger with each passing year and may you have a long and happy life together. By the authority invested in me as a Registered Celebrant I now pronounce you to be Man and Wife! ( or as it may be)

You may kiss your bride/soul mate!

Conclusion: You have given each other the most precious gift in life, that of Love – treasure it, nurture it and encourage it with all the honesty you used to create it.

To the gathering: Please put your hands together to congratulate our newly- weds Mr and Mrs ….or however you wish yourselves to be acknowledged.

As the Bridal Party and 2 witnesses are being called forward to sign the legal documents – Chosen music will play and drinks and apertifs will be made available for all the guests!

It would be announced that photos would follow wherever and then the venue of where to join the bridal party for the festivities and ongoing celebrations

At this stage I would leave you to continue with your celebrations with family and friends!

So reaffirming my contact details as PH: 09 372 9093 or email me on davish@waihekehigh.school.nz if you wish to further this conversation and I will forward a booking form out with full details.

I look forward to co-creating your wedding service to make your day a most treasured memory of your lifetime.

Huhana Davis
Registered Celebrant – Waiheke Island